Build Information


C&C is a concept not a brand so there is no such thing as genuine or fake.

To our knowledge we are the only company in the UK to sell support bars and double panel roof panels.

 The system is modular to allow you to create your own design. You can build wider, longer or higher.


If you buy a cage with a loft, the panels for the loft floor are supplied. We do not cut out an entrance for a ramp.

The main floor area though has no panels.

 Each panel is about 36cm, they connect together with either a zip tie or a plastic connector. The connectors will hold a panel in any of its 8 slots.

 Panels are not supplied for a floor. Unless a loft is purchased, the hole in the loft floor is not cut to allow you flexibility. The panels can be safely cut with a pair of pliers
 As the panels are roughly 36cm a cage build would be about :

3x2 : 108cm x 72cm
4x2 : 144cm x 72cm

5x2 : 180cm x 72cm

6x2 : 216cm x 72cm

As it is a modular system you can build anyhow you want based on the space you wanted to allocate to your pigs, you could build 3x3 or any size you want.

You can also build up with layers or lofts

Approx corrugated plastic sizes including lip @ 16cm all the way around are

3 x 2 : 142cm x 104cm

4 x 2 : 178cm x 104cm

5 x 2 : 214cm x 104cm

6 x 2 : 250cm x 104cm

First mark out your corrugated plastic
The main white area on this image shows the base of the corrugated plastic and the coloured in red area shows the lip
Score along all the lines we show in blue, then cut along the lines we have shown in green

You should now have something like this
To create the corner 
Bend the corners around and either tape or use rivets

These are available in our parts section
Put the corrugated plastic  inside you cage and you are ready for your piggies !!
To create a hinge for a door or a roof use cable ties or our special hinges


These are available in our parts section

Tools you will need

Scissors or a Stanley knife.
Pen or Magic Marker
Tape measure or Ruler
Ruler or straight edge for marking
Clear packing tape or rivets
 Make a hay feeder from 1 sheet
Get 1 extra sheet and bend it around a piece of wood.


Make a hole in a sheet for the ramp (pliers required)

To fit our ramp (which is actually guttering) just drill a couple of little holes at the end and connect to the hole in floor sheet with cable ties.

Cut the hole to your requirements


Make a ramp

You can use corrugated plastic ( but make your you cut it the right way for strength ) with an old off cut of carrpet to allow traction

Or we used to supply an off cut of guttering lined with an old off cut of carrpet to allow traction


 Make a standard roof
This example shows a 4 x 2 with loft 1 x 2 using 13 panels and a 3 x 2 roof made from 8 panels, all panels are cable tied together.
The roof is hinged by cable ties at the back of the cage. Please note the lip at the front to prevent the lid falling in the cage

 Make a folding roof
This example shows the use of a metal bar along the middle of the roof panels allowing the roof panel to fold, as the
bar is a little longer than the width of the cage it also acts as a support for the roof.

 New Clip on Roof Panel


2 Roof Panels per purchase

Panel Size (roughly) 72cm x 35cm

These panels are not supplied as standard with any cage

 Support Bar
Can be used for roof support or loft support

 We hope this is enough information regarding building your cage, if you require more help please email us.