Correx Templates

We reccomend 4mm correx

To buy Correx from a trusted online store CLICK HERE

  We have recently seen in Homebase 2mm correx sheets for £3.75 each



Below you will find correx templates to fit the cages.

Cage Size

3 x 2 : A=107CM B=72CM C=16CM D=16CM

4 x 2 : A=143CM B=72CM C=16CM D=16CM

5 x 2 : A=179CM B=72CM C=16CM D=16CM

6 x 2 : A=215CM B=72CM C=16CM D=16CM



Loft Size

2 x 1 : A=71CM B=35CM C=16CM D=16CM

2 x 2 :  A=71CM B=71CM C=16CM D=16CM


 A=70CM B=32CM C=26CM D=26CM

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