Help your kids overcome their need for fidgeting and help to control their hyperactive tendencies.

Are your children...

1) Having a hard time being sat still for long durations?
2) Struggling to maintain focus and strong concentration levels?
3) Consistently kicking their feet or dragging them back and forth whilst sat?
4) Struggling with ADD or ADHD?

5) Impatient and restless?

If any of the above describe your child then the Grendle chair bands will help improve overall productivity and concentration levels.

Help your child channel their hyperactivity to maximize their potential

The average school day in the UK is 6 hours long. Of those 6 hours your child could spend 4-5 hours in a classroom sat down. The Grendle chair bands help to focus your child and distract their fidgety habits so that they can work to their full capacity and potential.

Fidgeting is becoming more and more common within children all around the world, especially as technological learning has increased hugely over the last decade. This means children are not having to go on field trips and outdoor lessons as everything is accessible over the internet.


Grendle's chair bands offer a discreet, easy to use solution for fidgeting. Keep your child's feet busy but their minds engaged with the lesson at hand.

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3 x Chair fidget Bands for Children, Kids and Teens.

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